Congratulations Keeler family!!! Three-year-old Chloe (formerly Jazmin) with her new family!

Congratulations to the Larson family!!! Five-month-old Betty (formerly Bubbles) with her new mom Fiona!

Phoebe (previously Millie) with her new mom Bailey!

Lila (left) and her new moms Mona and Sandi, along with her new four-legged sister Maggie!

Kalani (left) with his new parents Julie and Kim, and his new sister Molly!

Porter (top left) with his new family, the Kaelbles!

Lizzie (left) with her new parents, brother, and canine siblings. Congratulations to the Keeler family on their second adoption from Pawsitive Animal Rescue!

Megan (left) and Coco (right) with their new parents Sammy and Scotty Brooks!

Mailie and her new mom Jean!

Rutsy with his mom Lorraine!

Lizzie with her new mom Leanne!

Benji (bottom right) with his parents Janette and Shane and canine sister Bria!

Rico (bottom right) with his new family, the Parenteaus!

Candy in her new home with the Keeler-Jordan family!
Congratulations on their third adoption from us!

Bowie with his new mom Pyper!

Mackey (now Sophie) with his new mom Huguette!

Rickey (now Elvis) with his new mom Lorraine!

Dee, Rob, and Keith with their new pup Oreo!

Ben and his new pup Buddy!

Julie (now Ginger) with her mom Michelle!

Dallas with his new mom Wendy!

Cooper with his new mom Jamie!

Congratulations to Peter and the Bir family!

Radar with the Koger family in California!

Lexi with her new family, the Cross family!

Mrs. Confortin and Patterson!

Savannah with furry brother Teddy, mom, and dad 🙂

Casper and Nicole 🙂

Lucy with dad Roger

Lucy with mom Kathy

Diego with mom Sally 🙂

Snow with his new family 🙂

Doc with family!

Bowie with furry sister Tabby and family 🙂

Buba with mom and sisters 🙂

Della with her daddy